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Bamboo pleated blinds

Bamboo pleated blinds called wood-like pleats are the answer to the extremely fashionable trend of adding wood elements to modern interiors. Bamboo pleats are a complete novelty on the Polish market. The fabric of such a pleat has a texture reminiscent of the wood structure while maintaining the lightness of a typical pleat. They are available in several shades from the soft, light to dark. As we know, wood brings a cozy, warm atmosphere to the interior, which is why interior decorators are so keen to recommend this material, in order to soften the cold climate of concrete and gray that dominates the currently promoted industrial and loft style. Can surely be recommend for interiors inspired by a Scandinavian climate that is based on simplicity and natural materials. It is also an interesting alternative for those who, due to the type of walls or small budget cannot afford wooden blinds. If you order a bamboo pleat in a version with a wood-like profile (i.e. an aluminum rail that moves the pleat up and down the window) you will create a sophisticated and modern look. They look exceptionally impressive in interiors with white walls and wooden accessories, as well as with a simple tiling in the bathroom.

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