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Printed pleated blinds

Printed pleated blinds are made of very good quality fabric, just like basic premium pleats, but they are distinguished by their more decorative character. Such a pleat will certainly be a great interior decoration and will give the window a much more interesting style than a traditional curtains. Our printed pleated designs are very versatile, so they will perfectly match both the kitchen, living room and children's room decor. In the printed group you will find not only two-color prints but also uniform fabric colors, on which various yarn weaves create very interesting but unobtrusive patterns. If you need the pleat on the window which not only protect the glance of passers-by or neighbors, but also replace the curtain, printed pleat is a great choice. In addition to the modern design, this pleated blinds also has minimal maintenance requirements. While curtains require careful washing and ironing to maintain a fresh look, the pleat should be only periodically dusted with a dry microfiber cloth or a brush with delicate bristles.

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