Rolety.eu is a place created for those who decorating their own interiors looking for functional products but also bringing interesting decorative effects.

Curtains poles, pleated blinds and roller blinds are our passion and therefore we approach each of our collections with heart. It is our greatest satisfaction when customers welcome them, because they were created to enjoy and delight, and to offer comfort to their variety. Buying day-night blinds and mini blinds, metal curtain rods and accessories has never been so easy. Not only you can choose the colour of your blinds or curtain poles style, but also save time and money. By choosing the product directly from the manufacturer you are sure, we will make and complete it exactly to the size of your window. Guaranteed availability and price, lower than most stores or supermarkets, will make you happy with our products. Carefully made roller blinds, pleated blinds and curtain rods are delivered throughout Poland and Europe directly to the door of our customers. We hope that in our shop you will find products that will realize your arrangement inspirations.