Exclusive pleated blind light grey

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  • White
  • karnisz-profil-antracyt-polmat
    Anthracite semi-matt
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  • karnisz-profil-srebrny-polmat
    Silver semi-matt
  • karnisz-profil-zloty-dab
    Golden Oak

The exclusive pleated blinds is dedicated to rather elegant interiors and those decorated in glamour style. The vertical, narrow, slightly pearly pleat pattern looks great both illuminated by the sun and also in the evening. This series of exclusive pleated blinds is kept in a very natural subtle colors, which is why it looks good on PVC and wooden, white and wood-like windows. We can confidently emphasize the decor on a small window at home as well as on a large terrace in an elegant restaurant. Pleat with a slightly satin gloss texture, meets the expectations of fans of classic interior design with the most sophisticated character. This extremely decorative pleat will darken your interior at 80%.

Blackout50% small
Type of fabricExclusive pleated blinds
Type of pleated blindNon-invasive pleated blinds
Catalog color Pleated Blindslight grey p8