Blackout termo premium pleated blind black

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Blackout Termo Premium Pleated Blind is a more advanced version of the Blackout blind pleat. The pleat fabric is additionally covered with a special, thicker coating on the windshield side that blocks 100% of sunlight. Those pleated blinds have been developed to stop the flow of light from the outside completely. It is an ideal product for bedroom windows where darkening the interior helps us to rest for a long time. If the windows of your apartment are directed towards a heavily lit city street, such a pleat will not only block the supply of neon or lantern light after dark, but also make it invisible. Do you sometimes need to create a cinema atmosphere when you plan a home movie screening or do you want to completely calm down? - this task for a completely blackout pleated blind. In addition, the mentioned thickened pleat fabric very well retains the heat of the heated glass on sunny summer days - (thermo function.

) If we have a house with windows facing south, this type of pleats will certainly provide a pleasant protection against the heat. This is an ideal proposition not only for houses but also for offices or doctor's offices. It is eagerly chosen for private apartments but also hotels. The Termo premium blackout pleated blind, made with the utmost attention to detail, will serve for long, trouble-free use.

Blackout70% medium
Type of fabricThermo premium pleated blind
Type of pleated blindNon-invasive pleated blinds
Catalog color Pleated Blindsblack 213