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3D shutters - the name of blinds indicates that the product also characterizes the space dimension. This effect is due to the moving, fabric fragments arranged horizontally between two vertical planes of the translucent net. Balancing between these three intricately co-ordinated layers of fabric has never been so spectacular in your interior. Its intensity can be determined simply by using a chain, laying horizontal strips at any angle. Visually, Shangri-la blinds are second to none. It definitely stands out from other roller blinds, innovation and modern colors. This type of blinds are mounted on the principle of a free roller, ie invasively and solidly. Thanks to that, you can decide yourself where the wall or the niche you are installing the shutter. You can order a 3 D blind with a width of up to 210 cm.

Type of roller blindShangri-la blinds
Blackout50% small
InstallationWall mounted, Ceiling mounted