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Basic premium pleated blinds

The basic premium pleated blinds are the leading products in the pleat category so far. This type of pleated blinds has the largest selection of colours due to its univesality of use. This basic fabris design has no patterns, making it ideally suited to any interior style. You may also always match the color of the aluminium profile to the selected fabric color, so that your made to measure pleated blind looks coherent whole on the window.The basic features of those basic pleat are light retention at 60% for the light colors and 70% for dark colors. This means that even if you drown up and down your pleated blinds over the entire window glass during the day, it will still be quite bright inside the room. You can easily feel the full comfort of privacy and at the same time perform normal activities, without turn on artificial light. It is an advantage worth to consider. As everyone knows, natural light is the best for the eyes, so generally it better to protect our eyes and save electric energy. Most often, we cover the pleats only from the bottom, and stop slightly above eye level, which ensures a sense of privacy and at the same time the inflow of the sun is an optimal amounth from the upper (exposed) part of the window glass. If you are interested in completely darkenning pleated blinds,please move to blackout pleated blinds category.

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