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premium blackout pleated blinds

The premium blackout blind stops sunlight at 90%. The fabric specification also shows very good thermal insulation properties. It is a product for windows exposed to strong sunlight and interiors where we need to create darkness even in the middle of the day. They are available in many interesting colors to give you freedom of choice. The blackout pleat is rubberized and thickened with a special layer, so during the day the color will not be illuminated by the sun, so the chosen color will not become more bright or too intense but will retain the same color saturation - (as shown in the preview pictures). If you like simplicity in the interior and frequent changes of its colors, we recommend choosing a blackout pleated blind in a neutral color like white, gray or ecru. A window equipped with such a pleat will delight you with the freedom to control the inflow of daylight, and the product itself with careful workmanship and visual subtlety.

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