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honeycomb pleated blinds

Honeycomb pleated blind despite the appearance similar to ordinary pleats, distinguishes another type of fabric from which it is made. It is composed of two layers of fabric connected in parallel, which are pleated in such a way as to form a honeycomb. This effect is visible when looking at the pleat from the side. In addition, in the honeycomb pleat, the strings interwoven in the fabric are invisible because they are hidden between the two planes of the pleated fabric. What else do we owe to such an innovative solution in everyday use? First of all, it retains much more daylight than an ordinary pleat, but also increases the thermal insulation of the glass. In the era of increasingly higher temperatures in the summer, protection against excessive sunlight is a basic element in maintaining the pleasant coolness inside the apartment. Honeycomb pleats are just gaining popularity but they can definitely compete with any type of popular pleats. The honeycomb pleat blocks light at 90%. If you need to order this type of pleat completely blackout: Choose the option: Thermo blackout honeycomb pleated blinds.

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